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Elks National Foundation

How is the Elks National Foundation
Helping Colorado?

When you give to the Elks National Foundation, you're doing more than funding the Elks National Drug Awareness and "Hoop Shoot" programs. You're doing more than supporting the Community Investments Program and providing Emergency Educational Grants to the children of deceased or totally disabled Elks. You're doing more than maintaining the Elks Veterans Memorial.

You're doing all that, and you're supporting Elkdom in your state.

During the 2012-13 Lodge year, the Elks of Colorado donated $176,460.11 to the Elks National Foundation. This year, the Foundation will give back the following:


State Charities Grant:
Special Projects Grant:
Bonus Grant:
These grants support your state's major charitable project, as well as other philanthropic projects. Portions of these grants will also support your state's Drug Awareness Program, Hoop Shoot, Soccer Shoot and educational programs.


Most Valuable Student:
Legacy Award:
We will award a total of 14 "Most Valuable Student" scholarships to high school seniors from your state. (Click here to check out your recipients.) In addition, we will award up to 9 Legacy scholarships to children, grandchildren and stepchildren of Elks. (Click here to check out your recipients.)


National Veterans
Service Commission:

These funds will help them provide aid and comfort to hospitalized veterans.
Grand Total: $444,110.00     

That's a ratio of 2.517 for every dollar the Foundation received from your state last year. And that doesn't even include the money Lodges in your state will get back through our Community Investments Program. For the 2012-13 fiscal year, for example, we awarded a total of $138,500.00 to 41 Colorado Lodges.

Since inception in 1928 through March 31, 2013, the Foundation has granted a total of $7,558,972.12 to your state, compared with your state's total donations of $6,067,437.95. That's a ratio of 1.246 for every dollar the Foundation has received from your state.

The Foundation's past support includes:


  • $3,308,866.00 in State Charities Grants
  • $1,222,207.00 in Special Projects Grants
  • $1,572,509.06 in "Most Valuable Student" Scholarships
  • $581,455.78 in Emergency Educational Grants to the children of deceased or totally disabled Elks
  • $174,550.00 in Legacy Award scholarships to the children and grandchildren of Colorado Elks.

For more information about the Elks National Foundation, contact your local chairman or write us at Elks National Foundation, 2750 N. Lakeview Ave., Chicago, IL 60614,

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