Canon City, CO 610

Wedding Planner

1 Year Before

Ceremony Location The ceremony site will vary from a church, hotel, club, or private home.
Reception Location Cañon City Elks Lodge #610
Photographer Many photographers are booked a year in advance.
Entertainment If you decide to have a Band, D.J., Pianist or Sax Player you should contact your choice a year in advance. This will also be your Emcee and he/she will need appropriate information.
Bridal Shop Start to select your gown.
Videography This is becoming more and more popular as a keepsake. Even if you don't have a video recorder now, you may in the future.
Travel Agency When planning for a cruise or specific location, reservations may be necessary a year in advance.
Register Your Patterns Once your engagement is announced, people will need to know your choices.
Limousine 6 months may be enough time unless you are getting married during the spring or summer season or when getting a specialty car.

Discuss with the officiant the details of your ceremony. Be sure to bring up the topics below. It will be easier if you and your fiancé discuss these after asking what is permitted at your ceremony location. You can then plan with your florist, photographer, videographer, musicians and family.

Remember To Discuss

Double Ring Ceremony
Rehearsal Date
Photography Or Videography Limitations
Custodial Fees
Time Of Ceremony Following Yours If Any
Length Of Ceremony
Tell Them Any Unique Plans You'd Like For Your Ceremony
Decorations, Flowers & Aisle Carpets
Candle Light Ceremonies
Wine Glasses
Kneeling Cushions
Live Or Recorded Music
Writing Your Own Wedding Vows
Where To Place Ceremony Programs
Is Rice, Bird Seed, Or Confetti Allowed

Check that you have contracted and, if required, put a deposit down with the following:
Limousine Service
Band Or D.J
Travel (if cruise or definite place you prefer)
Bridesmaids Dresses And Shoes
Select Invitations And Favors
Look At Tuxedos
Get Color Swatches Of Dresses For Florist
Start Writing Out Your Guest List For Invitation Estimate
Discuss With Photographer If You Are To Have Thank You Photos
Make Appointment With Florists After Dresses Are Chosen
The Wedding Candle - Who Delivers It And Picks It Up
Music For Church
Wedding Dress
Bridal Registry
Confirm Wedding Date
Have A Current Menu And Prices Sent To You

3 ~ 4 Months

Order Invitations At Four Months
Gown Fittings
Decide On Head Pieces For Bridesmaids
Make Sure All Your Tuxedos Are Ordered For Groom's Ushers
Contact The Florist With Color Swatch And Order Flowers
Rent Any Extras For Wedding
Order Thank You Photo Cards
Rings Ordered
If Not Done Yet - Honeymoon Arrangements
Make Appointment With Elks Manager To Finalize Menus

2 Months

Confirm With D.J. Or Band About Music Selections
Mail Bridal Party Information
Order Wedding Cake - Deliver Cake Top If You Have A Special One
Arrange For Housing For Out Of Town Guests
Confer With Organist And Soloist On Music Selection For The Church
Write Out All Wedding Invitations And Mail Them
Meet With Photographer To Discuss Pictures
Apply For Wedding License

1 Month

Select Gifts For Bridal Attendants
Blood Test
Check With Travel Agent For Tickets (Groom)
Plan Rehearsal Dinner (for 2-3 days prior to Wedding Date)
Hair Salon With Head Piece
Perhaps Have Sitting For Formal Photos Of Bride With Photographer
Have Wedding Rings Sized
Girls Night Out

Check with the Photographer for the time of arrival for taking pictures at your home to be sure you'll have enough time to prepare for your Wedding Look.

Make an appointment with the Hair Salon, Makeup Consultant, Finger Nail Consultant.

A trial run will make a world of difference in the confidence that you'll have on your day. It will also affect your wedding pictures knowing if your makeup and hair is perfect. Since the wedding pictures often show your rings, you'll want your nails to look their best.

2 Weeks Before

Contact Cañon City Elks With Estimated Guest Counts;
A Break Down Of Each Meal Is Necessary
Do Seating Arrangements And Guest List
Set Appointment For 2 Days Before To Finalize Reception
Buy A Garter If You Don't Have One Already
Address Announcements And Stamp For Mailing
Confirm The Day Of The Ceremony With The Church
Acknowledge All Gifts As They Arrive
Plan To Have Something Old, Something New, Something
Borrowed, Something Blue
Pack For Honeymoon

2 Days Before

Final Appointment With Cañon City Elks Manager
Wear Your Wedding Shoes To Break Them In
Have Rehearsal For Ceremony Followed By Rehearsal Dinner

At Cañon City Elks, Drop Off

Guest List & Seating Plan
Introduction Sheet
Bride & Groom Glasses
Money Bag
Guest Book & Pen
Personalized Matches & Napkins, If Any
Cake Cutter
Favors For Tables
Exact Number Of Guests
Payment In Full

Reception Time

Wine or Champagne is the classic beverage for toasts. Usually the formal toasts begin before the food is served. The best man traditionally made the first salute to the bride; today it's often to the couple. The customary toast has two parts: a reference to the toaster's relationship to the couple and a wish for their future happiness. You don't drink when you're being toasted.

Occasionally the groom will give thanks to his best man and a toast to you, to his parents, and to his new in-laws. Perhaps you'll want to be next with your own affectionate words for him and your parents. Other members of the wedding party can then propose any toast they wish. After the toasts, your best man can read congratulatory telegrams from distant friends and relatives.

Wedding toasts are heartfelt and usually easy to compose. If you run into writer's block, consult your local librarian for sources.

Plan your first dance when you sense it would be right. Alert your guests with a drum roll or have the Master of Ceremonies make the announcement that the newlyweds are about to twirl around the floor. As a rule, you dance with your father next and the groom with his mother. The best man is your next partner; the maid/matron of honor your groom's. Then it's the new in-laws turn - you with his father and he with your mother.

This order is customary but optional. In fact, if family interrelationships are very complicated, you might have your first dance and then open the floor to all. You can't expect to unravel intricate webs in one extraordinary day. After the tensions of the day, your reception is relaxation time. By all means, have a wonderful time dancing the night away but watch out for your beautiful gown. Dancing without shoes might mean ripping your dress.

Cutting the Wedding Cake
Cutting the cake together is another reminder of your pledge to share life. Elaborate wedding cakes are often featured on their own skirted table and cut with a silver cake knife decorated for the occasion. Have your M.C. announce the event, join hands with your groom and together cut the first slice. Offer one another a nibble - it makes a great wedding album shot. Suggestion: Serve your wedding cake with ice cream for dessert.

The great celebration is drawing to a close. You'll want to gather your forces for the last traditional rituals: tossing the bouquet and your blue satin garter. Decide in advance whether you or your groom will remove the garter. This is not time for any disagreement.

Say good-bye to your family and friends and exit happily.

When you two look back on the day, you'll remember that your wedding had a special glow and a meaning no other day will match.