Pensacola Beach, FL 497

Elk Lodge 497 History

On February 9, 1962 Pensacola Beach Lodge #2256 received its dispensation from the Grand Lodge and became an Elks Lodge. There were 122 original charter members. The first Exalted Ruler was John Kiklighter. The lodge room was a 3,500 square foot waterfront building at 661 Pensacola Beach Blvd., being purchased for $70,000.

1964 - the first lodge bulletin was published

1978 - 13 boat slips were installed on the waterfront

1981 - a 5,000 square foot addition was added onto the building (club and rest room facilities)

1981 - a 700 square foot gazebo was built

Sept/1995 - Hurricane Erin hit the lodge bringing 9" of water into the building.

Oct/1995 - Hurricane Opal hit the lodge bringing 18" of water into the building

2002 - Pensacola Lodge 497 merged with Pensacola Beach Lodge

Sept/2004 - Hurricane Ivan destroyed the lodge building and all of its contents

Nov/2004 - the lodge moved to a temporary building next door while the new building was being built

Nov/2006 - moved to the new 2.4 million dollar building

March 24, 2007 - new building dedication