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Meaning of the BPO Elks Colors

The Elk Colors*

The Elk colors are Royal Purple and White, a combination deriving its origin from the history of the clergy, nobility, and the people. Throughout Europe, the Orient, and Rome, the symbolism of colors were associated with the severity of laws and customs.

Each color in each pattern was identified as religious, or political, and to change or alter it was a crime of rebellion, desertion of principles, party, or cause. White denotes purity and absolute truth. When combined with Royal Purple it signifies the love of truth and the highest degree of virtue.

Purple is the badge of Kingship, the color for the robes of Emperors and High Priests, and signifies the highest favor. The blending of White and Royal Purple indicates the favor of the people, which bespeaks the status of Elkdom.

* From "An Authentic History of the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks," by Charles Edward Ellis.