Eatontown, NJ 2402

2021-2022 Officer of The Year

OFFICER OF THE YEAR This award is a way a Lodge can recognize a current Officer who has contributed over and above the duties of office toward the improvement of the Lodge and our Order. This Officer must be someone who has shown leadership, contributed voluntarily to services and Committees and has status among Members as an outstanding Elk. This award will reward an Officer who is always willing to help, an Officer who can be relied upon to get things done. The qualification is stringent as it would be far better not to designate an "Officer of the Year" than to select an Officer less than worthy of the honor. The Exalted Ruler shall direct the Lodge's Past Exalted Rulers' Association to select the "Officer of the Year." The 2021-2022 Award has been earned by

Mark Reagan - Congratulations 

                                                                              "Joe Miller"

Joe kept the Lodge sanitized during the Pandemic and was instrumental to keeping the lodge operational during the Covid 19 shutdown. The business of the lodge didnt miss a beat and the processes that are required to run the organization were upheld. I could not have completed this year without the his help. He Built the outside bar when Lodge was closed due to Covid 19. He built Tables around the bar as per CDC guifelines so that we could have patrons in the lodge. During my tenure as ER he always kept up on all repairs with the rental house . If that is not enough he also runs the monthly Roast Beef Dinner.