Eatontown, NJ 2402

Past Exalted Rulers

An "Exalted Ruler" governs each Elks Lodge in two capacities:

  1. 1. Oversee everyday operations of the lodge as a CEO would preside over a corporation
  2. 2. Insure Lodge activities inculcate Charity, Jusice, Brotherly Love and Fidelity.

A Past Exalted Ruler is one who has successfully completed his duties for the Elk Year and has met other criteria.

Elk Officers wear formal dress (tuxedos) during the Initiation Ritual and other ceremonials of the Order. Since 1874, the Exalted Ruler and officers of every Elks Lodge began wearing the new Elks regalia, composed of a purple velvet collar with a small, fawn colored roll and a jewel with an Elk's head with a gilt edge on the collar.

We honor our Past Exalted Rulers listed below: [*Indicates Deceased Member]

1969-70 Anthony Scheri* 1970-71 Anthony Scheri*

1971-72 Joseph R. Mahon*

1972-73 James Slater

1973-74 George Swyerwein*

1974-75 James Slater

1975-76 James Siciliano, Jr.*

1976-77 Frank Smith*

1977-78 Paul DeCaprio

1978-79 George Severini*

1979-80 Robert Thomas

1980-81 Joseph R. Mahon*

1981-82 John Bennett*

1982-83 Adam Borkowski*

1983-84 Joseph R. Mahon*

1984-85 Paul DeCaprio

1985-86 Donald Hoogerheide

1986-87 Fred Hudson*

1987-88 James Ramsey, Jr.*

1988-89 Charles Ross*

1989-90 James Ramsey, Jr.*

1990-91 Alfred W. DeSantis, Sr.

1991-92 Charles J. Zebrowski

1992-93 Edward C. Puth, Jr.

1993-94 Edward F. Clayton*

1994-95 Robert Szeligowski

1995-96 Robert W. Siedlecki

1996-97 Calvin Sullivan

1997-98 James Ramsey, Jr.*

1998-99 Marc Van Sant

1999-2000 Joseph C. Centanni, Sr.

2000-2001 Joseph C. Centanni, Sr.

2001-2002 Laurence Youmans

2002-2003 John Buerkle

2003-2004 Joseph Miller

2004-2005 Joseph Miller

2005-2006 Vito Paolantonio

2006-2007 Darlene Miller

2007-2008 Karen Buerkle

2008-2009 Robert Marble

2009-2010 Alfred W. DeSantis, Sr. | Karen Buerkle

2010-2011 Dan Ballasy

2011-2012 J. M. Name Removed from Rolls  / Laurence Youmans

2012-2013, 2013-2014 Joseph Miller,

2014-2015 Kelly Miller,

2015-2016 Ed Mack,

2016-2017 Ed Mack,

2017-2018/ 2018-2019 Richard Brand,

2019-2020 Kelly Miller,

2020-2021 Dan Ballasy

2021-2022 Tom Klein 

2022 - 2023 Tom Klein