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Good Deeds Should Last Forever

What is the Elks National Foundation?

Established in 1928, the Elks National Foundation is the charitable arm of the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks. Their mission is to help Elks build stronger communities. The Foundation is supported through contributions from Elks, their families and friends, which are all deposited into a permanent endowment fund. They only spend the income that is earned by this fund.

Our gifts to ENF does this:

Scholarship Programs, Elks National Drug Awareness Program, Hoop Shoot Free Throw Program and the Elks National Veterans Service Program. ENF grants millions of dollars to our state associations each year so that we can support our projects and activities in our own lodge. The Community Investments Program allows our Lodge to apply for grants that address unmet needs in our own community.

Why do we need your help? Because so many people need ours.

We can make a difference together! We can make sure no veteran feels alone, no student gives up on their dreams, no child gives in to peer pressure, and no Lodge lacks the resources to serve our community.


(All contributions to the Elks National Foundation are deductible for federal income and estate tax purposes)