Scottsdale, AZ 2148

Lodge #2148 History

Our Lodge History 

While numerous esteemed and historically significant Elks Lodges dot the American landscape, Lodge #2148 boasts a unique distinction: it stands as the sole lodge to have been situated within a former WWII POW Camp, accommodating German prisoners of war. Moreover, it holds the remarkable distinction of being linked to the largest escape of German POWs during WWII. As the sole Elks Lodge in America constructed on the grounds of a World War II former POW camp, our history is intertwined with the events of that tumultuous era.

Learn about the daring "Great Escape" of 1944, when German sailors attempted to float down the Salt River in hopes of reaching freedom in Mexico--a venture that ended quite differently than they had anticipated. Delve into the fascinating account of Paul Messenger, who reminisces about his childhood experiences of watching movies with POWs, providing a unique glimpse into that bygone era.