Westchester, CA 2050

The Eighties

Year Exalted Rulers
1980-1981 James Lynch
1981-1982 Glenn Viles
1982-1983 Thomas Mescher
1983-1984 Steve Johnson
1984-1985 Dean Culshaw
1985-1986 Kurt Jena
1986-1987 Frank Rogers
1987-1988 William Crowther
1988-1989 Vernon E. Tinsley
1989-1990 Thomas P. Russo

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April - Charter Member and Charter Chaplain, James Lynch, becomes 23rd Exalted Ruler of 2050.

May - Members of 2050 go to State Convention by Private Rail Car.

November - PERs hold their annual Turkey Shoot and the Charity Ball is very successful.

January - The District Deputy Clinic is held at the Westchester Elks Lodge.

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April: - Glenn Viles is installed by PDDGER Roger Harmon as the Lodge's 24th Exalted Ruler.

May - Another good sized group from Westchester attends the State Convention in San Diego.

September - Elks Night at the Races returns a nice amount to the Lodge Piggy Bank Fund.

October - Another outstanding Family Picnic is held at Chevron Park.

March - Samuel R. Roberts is presented "Elk of the Year" Award.

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April - Thomas Mescher became the 25th Exalted Ruler of Westchester Lodge.

May - A first for Westchester -- Ritual Team wins first place in the District Ritual Contest. Largest contingent, ever, attends State Convention in Sacramento.

July - At the National Convention in Chicago. Bill Robertson is installed as District Deputy Grand Exalted Ruler for the South Central Coast District.

September - Westchester Elks Lodge celebrate their "Silver Anniversary" with special initiation and weekend Dinner Dances.

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April - Steve Johnson became the 26th Exalted Ruler.

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June - Dean Culshaw becomes the 27th Exalted Ruler. Former members of the Inglewood Lodge #1492 become members of Westchester Elks Lodge #2050.

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April - Kurt Jena becomes the 28th Exalted Ruler.

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May - Frank Rogers becomes the 29th Exalted Ruler.

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May - William Crowther becomes the 30th Exalted Ruler.

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April - Vernon Tinsley becomes the 31st Exalted Ruler.

May -

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April - Thomas P. Russo is installed as the 32nd Exalted Ruler.

May - At the State Convention, Exalted Ruler Tom Russo presented the Westchester Elks Lodge #2050 check for $6,864.00 to the Major Project Committee.