Fayetteville, NC 1081

District No. 6640

Our Fraternal Gratitude, Extends To You Who Wait.

May we always hold a place in our hearts for those who served so well.

Michael L. Walker

Joesph J. Ruddy

Clifton N. Wallace, Sr.

Joseph M. Edmundson

Louis A. "Pops" Peterson, Sr.

Walter D. Smith

Thomas B. Waring

James A. Hatem

Billy F. Newton

Ralph E. Brown

Eli Monsour

Andrew P. Calenzo

Leonard F. McDuffie

Jay L. Rose

John "Pete" Peterson

Manly Daughtry

Walter Clark

Robert "Bob" Biggs

Frank Bevacqua

Thomas H. Lee

Harry Morley

Jack Justice

Terry L. Rogers

Lew E. Summer

Murphy McMillan

Edward T. Noel

J. T. Townsend

George Albert Otter

George Mathews

Charles E. Kennedy

E. L. Matthews

H. R. Jenkins

J. C. Butler

Norman C. McColloch

L. Banks Williamson

Lehman E. Jones

Daniel Underwood

John F. Carey

E. L. Remsburg

C. J. Cooper

W. P. Johnson

Noah Peel

Hal Elliott

Rev. Issac Hughes

Charles H. Randall

Emerson S. Winstead

Charles H. Randall

Wort G. Campbell

Jas. A. Sullivan

F. H. Grimm

Jocab Stein

Wilson P. Woodhouse

Henry T. Drake

Dr. H. G. Sanderford

M. Dec. Coiner

Jas. W. Woodell

John M. Cox

H. J. Latta

Tom Gibson

J. B. Shepherd

D. B. Hedgpeth

Thomas Shaw

W. T. Brock

L. Levin

Peter McQueen


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