Fayetteville, NC 1081

Lodge Goal

The Benevolent Protective Order of the Elks Lodge #1081 is local provider of services and solutions to its members, community and the National Order of BPOE. To be successful, Fayetteville Lodge 1081 must endeavor to focus on the needs of the members of this organization. We must continually seek solutions to fully utilize the service and quality of the Lodge, facilities and members.

The goal, which we will enable our members and the organization to be successful is through the alignment of needs for service, quality, and cost effectiveness through the Leadership and membership volunteers.

The following values and principals should be upheld by the members:

• Respect the opinions and beliefs of each member.
• Courtesy to every member regardless of position.
• Honesty and integrity of the membership.
• Recognize the responsibility of and to every member.
• Be flexible and innovative.
• Support an attitude of realistic decision making.
• Perform to the highest levels of service.

By virtue of these values and principals, the Lodge should be able to provide the highest quality of Lodge and community service to members and non-members.

We can only accomplish this with the efforts and participation of all members; therefore we must commit to the promotion of a climate of enthusiasm and teamwork.