District No. 6640

Swimming Pool Rules & Regulations

Summer 2005

1. Pool facilities are for members in good standing, their immediate family and guests. The word "immediate family" shall mean your spouse and unmarried children residing in your household. All others shall be considered guests. A member must accompany guests at all times. No more than six guests per day.

2. EVERYONE must sign the pool register before entering the pool.

3. Children under 16 years of age will not be permitted to use the pool, unless supervised by a person 21 years of age or older.

4. No person over 8 years of age will be permitted to use wading pool unless accompanying a small child; this is a health department rule.

5. EVERYONE is required to shower before entering the pool.

6. Rowdy or inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. Running on the pool deck is forbidden.


8. Jumping onto floats from the side of the pool is NOT ALLOWED.

9. An adult must accompany children who cannot swim or are in a floating device.

10. No pets will be permitted inside the fenced pool area.

11. Any person having a contagious disease, open sore, foot infection, or any infectious condition will not be admitted to the pool.

12. NO DIAPERS in the pool, swimmer pants only.

13. No glass containers allowed in the fenced pool area.

14. No food in the pool area. Eating at the snack bar or picnic tables only.

15. Exit the pool at steps or ladder ONLY.

16. Alcoholic beverages and soft drinks allowed in the pool area, only if purchased at the pool snack bar or Elks' clubroom. Mixed drinks from the clubroom must be in plastic cups. NO COOLERS ALLOWED IN POOL AREA.

17. Special occasions, i.e. birthday parties and foods not purchased from the snack bar are allowed under the pavilion. All special occasions must have prior approval of the pool attendant. Any more than six guests will be considered a party and therefore will be charged a party fee.

18. Each member will be held responsible for their conduct and the conduct of their family and guest. PLEASE SUPERVISE YOUR CHILDREN!!!!!

19. The pool attendants will be in complete control at all times and may ask you to leave the pool.

20. Store floats in the ladies room only off the floor. DO NOT use other member's floats. Please limit floats to one per person.

21. The Elks' Lodge is not responsible for lost or stolen items.


23. This pool is for the enjoyment of members, families and guest. You use the pool at your own risk!!! These rules are for your protection. Please observe the rules!! Failure to do so may result in suspension of your pool privileges.

Guest fees: Children 2 and under FREE, all others $8.00.

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