Clinton, MO 1034

District No. 4940

2017-18 Committee Chairmen

Elks National Foundation: Ron Shanks, Missouri Benevolent Trust: Jeff Stone Scholarship: Zac Maggi Auditing & Accounting: Don Turner Community Activities: David Cummings, PER Lodge Activities: Steve Cummings, PDDGER Americanism: Todd Pogue, PER Flag Day Coordinator: Brad Combs Government Relations: Steve Cummings, PER Memorial Day Coordinator: David Cummiongs, Steve Cummings, Zac Maggi PER Association: Kenny Kaiser, PER Public Relations: Steve Cummings, PDDGER Visiting Committee:Kenny Kaiser, PDDGER  Deer Hides: Brad Combs and Steve Cummings Membership: Ron Shanks s Indoctrination/Orientation: Kenny Kaiser, PDDGER Investigation: Alva Allen Lapsation: David Cummings, PER Youth Activities: Scott Humphreys, PER Drug Awareness: John Mcclendon  Hoop Shoot: Eric Mitchell, PER ,  Accident Prevention: Jeff Stone Veteran's Service: Tom Paul, Donald Turner, Kenny Hendrick

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