The Gift of Giving
Bob Taylor always believed in the Elks National Foundation. As a Past Exalted Ruler and member of Manchester, Conn., Lodge No. 1893, he first donated to the ENF in the 1960s. Taylor kept informed about the ENF over the years by reading articles in print and online, but in recent years, Taylor decided to reconnect in a strong way. With the ability to help and the confidence in the ENF, Taylor gives now and for the future.

Do What You Can Today

“I tend to do things behind the scenes,” Taylor says. “Everyone can afford to do something, to give something. This is the way I give.”

Taylor began making generous monthly, automatic donations on his credit card, which earned his place in the ENF Fidelity Club—a surprise to Taylor who chose the giving method for convenience, not recognition. In 2009, Taylor learned of the MVS Named Scholarship Program and chose to enroll. He increased and applied his monthly donations toward this special commitment of $4,000 over four years to name an Elks scholarship and correspond with the recipient throughout college. Taylor named a second scholarship in 2011, and wishes more donors would get involved with these scholars.

“It’s not as intimidating of a commitment as it seems,” Taylor voices to other donors. “When you break it down by month or week, you see small sacrifices you can make to be able to help give a young person a better life. If I had known about the Named Scholarship Program sooner, I’d have enrolled sooner.”

Future Plans

When Taylor was a younger man, he met John F. Malley, founder of the ENF, during an Elks function. Looking ahead, the legacy of Malley remained on Taylor’s mind as he watched the ENF grow. It’s clear that Taylor was as insightful then as he is now—he understood the ENF’s potential and had reason to pay attention all this time.

“If Malley were alive today, he would be amazed at the number of ENF-funded programs and the depth they go to help people,” Taylor reflects. “The ENF has grown tremendously since I joined the Order, and it continues to make tremendous improvements.”

That’s why Taylor decided to join the John F. Malley Society by including the ENF in his will—he knows the variety of ENF programs and how his contributions add up to help, or “make the wheels easier to turn,” he says. Education and providing a helping hand are important to Taylor. So too is ensuring the Elks’ ability to continue these programs in their communities.

“Sometimes the Elks have got to beat their own drum so the community sees the good work we do,” says Taylor after mentioning some visible activities of his Lodge. “I feel good knowing that where I choose to put my money as an Elk is worthwhile. We all can give something, and it adds up.”

For additional information about the John F. Malley Society and ENF planned giving, please click here. To discuss making a planned gift to the Elks National Foundation, contact Kate Keating Edsey at or 773-755-4866.

For more information on the MVS Named Scholarship Program, click here.

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