Building Stronger Elks Communities
Big news for Lodge communities! The ENF Board of Trustees has doubled the funding for the Community Investments Program to $4.6 million from $2.3 million.

Since its debut in 2005, the Community Investments Program has helped Lodges to make visible and meaningful contributions to their communities through its grant components. With this dramatic increase in funding, Lodges will be able to do even more to strengthen their communities.

“The ENF Trustees want every Lodge to be a pillar of its community,” says Jim O’Kelley, the Foundation’s director. “This program gives Lodges the resources to identify and meet need. Doubling funding for the CIP will allow Lodges to do so much more to support their communities.”

Make a Difference

Start building a stronger community today! The Community Investments Program grants allow Lodges to support charitable causes that are important to their communities.

“The Elks National Foundation Community Investments Program Impact Grant has made our Lodge come alive again,” explains Sharon Kolkhorst, who manages Coos Bay, Ore., Lodge No. 1160’s Impact Grant project. “Thank you for enabling our grant project, which provides food packs to students in need.”

Double the Funds for Everyone

In 2011-12, both Gratitude Grants and Promise Grants will double in amount, totaling $2,000 each. The Board also increased the number of available Promise Grants to 500 from 300, helping more Lodges host events that build character and competence in local youth. Impact Grants will continue to range up to $10,000, giving Lodges the means to significantly strengthen their communities.

“This increase in funding is wonderful news,” says Bill George, ENF Chair of Fairfield, Conn., Lodge No. 2220. “It will give us the opportunity to expand our Lodge’s charitable and youth programs, making them so much more meaningful to our community.”

Make it your Lodge’s new fiscal year resolution to take advantage of these grants in 2011-12!

The Elks National Foundation will invest up to $4.6 million this year in local communities through its grant programs. To learn more about the Community Investments Program, please visit

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