Hot Tip: Giving Appreciated Stock a Safe Bet
ENF donor and former race track mutuel clerk Tedd Bartels has witnessed the highs and lows of gambling. Before retiring, his job was to take bets at his local race track. Watching first-time betters take a chance on a race is not unlike Tedd’s first experience giving to the ENF, when he was asked to give by PER John Nastasi.

“I didn’t really know what the ENF did,” says Tedd, a member of the Long Branch, N.J., Lodge.

But as track regulars know, you can increase your odds of making a good investment if you have reliable information about the entrants in a particular race before placing your bet.

“Once I learned about all of the great things the ENF does,” says Tedd, “I was hooked.”

Taking Stock Tedd now gives to the ENF from his investment portfolio, rather than his checkbook. His gifts of appreciated stock allow him to avoid capital-gains taxes and take a charitable deduction. He also knows that giving a gift of stock is a safe bet.

“When you give a gift of stock,” says Tedd, “the full amount of the stock gets transferred to the ENF. There are no hidden charges, no taxes to pay. The ENF gets the maximum value of your gift.”

If you have stock that has appreciated in value, tax laws make it possible for you to avoid capital-gains tax by contributing the stock to your favorite charity. The full amount of your investment is available for the charity’s use, rather than an amount that was reduced by capital-gains tax if you were to sell the stock yourself and then donate the cash.

In addition to enjoying tax benefits, contributing stock is easy to do. Once you’ve decided which shares you’d like to donate, it only takes two phone calls: one to your broker and one to the ENF for its DTC instructions. Or you can deliver the stock physically to the ENF office.

“It’s so easy to do,” says Tedd. “Electronic transfers were the greatest thing to happen to the stock market. Within the hour, your gift can be transferred to the ENF’s account.”

Hitting the Jackpot Stock gifts can secure membership in the John F. Malley Society, which recognizes individuals who plan a gift to the ENF. But for Tedd, knowing that his gift puts the odds in his and the ENF's favor, is all the recognition he needs. He's hit the jackpot because the influence of his gift will last forever.

“Giving to the ENF is like the adage ‘pay it forward,’” says Tedd. “You have to do something to help other people before something good happens to you. It’s a great feeling to know you have done something nice for someone else.”

“It takes money to get things done,” says Tedd. “I give to the ENF to help keep the programs it funds flying.”

To learn more about making a planned gift to the Elks National Foundation, talk with your financial advisor, and together, visit our website at

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