A Good Elk
Lt. Col. Sam Payne was inspired to make his first gift to the Elks National Foundation because charity is valued by the Elks. He tries to live his life by the Elks motto.

“I’m a benevolent kind of guy,” says Sam, a member of the Charleston, S.C., Lodge. “Giving to others is part of being a good Elk. Our motto is to care and share.” Sam and his wife Carolyn focus on supporting community youth programs. They mainly promote education, whether it’s supporting scholarships at the Citadel, Sam’s alma mater, or through the Elks National Foundation. They also volunteer at the local children’s hospital.

“I really enjoy the Elks scholarship programs,” says Sam. “I think it’s important to help students get the college education that they might not otherwise have the opportunity to pursue. I hope my gift allows the ENF to award more scholarships each year.”

Sam, who served in the Air Force for 23 years, believes in the ENF’s mission, and encourages everyone he meets to make a gift. It’s the feeling of the gesture that inspires him to continue to donate.

“I feel really good when I make a gift to the Foundation,” Sam says. “I think it’s so important to share your wealth with others.”

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