Giving Back
Long time supporters Robert and Marsha Dale were prompted to make their first donation to the ENF when they learned about its purpose, and how the Foundation’s programs and finances were handled.

“Marsha and I both believe strongly in the work being done by the Foundation,” Bob relates. “We've substituted buying birthday gifts for each other with donations to ENF and our state major project.”

The Dales have been Foundation donors since 1978, and have both reached the Bronze level of giving. The area of the Foundation’s work that most interests them are our youth programs. “They’re our future leaders,” Bob says.

This interest in our nation’s future leaders led Bob to become involved in the Elks National Hoop Shoot program, which is funded by the Elks National Foundation. He’s held, for several years each, positions as Lodge and District Director before advancing to State Director last year.

His favorite part of the Hoop Shoot program is watching the young people compete. “Knowing the effort that they've put into honing their skills, and seeing the camaraderie that develops among the contestants is great,” Bob tells. “And witnessing the smiles of the winners.”

The Dales stay connected to the Foundation by subscribing to Pulse, our email newsletter, and attending the ENF’s training sessions at the GL Convention each summer.

“The Pulse newsletter is a great way to stay more current with Foundation happenings,” says Bob. “I also found the convention training quite informative. It was very good for anyone attending who was relatively new to the program.”

Whether it’s connecting with a charity’s mission, or interacting firsthand with program beneficiaries, the Dales are passionate about donating to charitable organizations. “It’s important to support our community and people in need by giving back some of what we're fortunate enough to have,” Bob believes.

To sign up for Pulse, our email newsletter, or learn more about the Hoop Shoot program, visit our website at

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