Beyond the Scholarship: Film Series
Beyond the Scholarship

Beyond the Scholarship is a four-part film series that features scholars talking about the Elks. The interviews were conducted during 150 for 150 in San Antonio. In the series, you’ll see familiar faces such as Jay Little, Nathan Miller, Clara Ritger, Sean Pringle and Branden Pearson, but also a lot of new ones. And it takes less than 8 minutes to watch all four films. You can watch the films below.

The series has a natural progression. In the first film, Pillars of the Community, scholars talk about the role of the Elks in their communities.

Then in Road to Elkdom, they discuss the Elks as an outlet for their community service and how that can lead to joining the Order.

In Full Circle, the scholars reflect on how they’re now serving others with the Order that helped them.

Finally, in The Future of Elkdom, the scholars look forward to the Elks’ next 150 years.

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