The Latest with Loosli: Elkdom

When we tell our Elks scholars that their scholarships are just the beginning of what we hope will be a lifelong relationship with the Elks, it’s not something we say loosely. So, we’re pleased to announce that one of the latest Elks scholars to join the Elks is none other than Sean Loosli, the top Most Valuable Student from 2003 who now works at a software company in the Bay Area.

“After receiving a scholarship myself, and staying involved with the Elks over the years, I decided it was long overdue to make it official and become a member,” Loosli says.

Jim Fuqua, the scholarship chair at Provo, Utah, Lodge No. 847 back in 2003, made the experience extra special for Loosli by sponsoring his membership.

“My original scholarship chair who helped me in high school is back 15 years later as my sponsor,” Loosli says. “What a great connection!”

Loosli has always been proactive about staying involved with the Elks. He spoke at the 2013 Grand Lodge Convention and returned last year as Alum of the Year. For the past three years, he has served as a judge at the Leadership Weekend, helping to select the next generation of top scholars. And he continues to connect with and mentor Elks scholars in the Bay Area, sharing wisdom and encouraging involvement with the Elks.

“I’ve had many great interactions with the Elks over the past several years, and look forward to many more as a member,” Loosli says.

We’re eager to see what Loosli does in the years to come. Welcome to the Elks, Sean!

Loosli’s counterpart in 2003, Bryce Caswell, a fellow graduate of Harvard, joined the Elks in 2015.

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