10 Ways to Celebrate ENF Month!
October is ENF month—a time to celebrate and promote the Elks National Foundation. Here are the top 10 ways you can get involved.

  1. Encourage a fellow Elk—Lead by Example. Join members of your Lodge in celebration and support of ENF month and donate to the Elks National Foundation.
  2. Celebrate ENF Month and the #Elks150 with an Anniversary Grant This one-time $1,500 grant offers an opportunity for Lodges to do even more charitable work. What will your Lodge do?
  3. Watch “The Future Looks Like Series” Our latest film series features short profiles of all 20 of the top Most Valuable Students from 2017. You can watch it here.
  4. Connect with Elks scholars. Host an Elks Scholar Meet-Up or invite an Elks Scholar Speaker

  5. Look forward to the announcement of the 2018 Impact Grant recipients Impact Grant recipients will be announced on October 31.
  6. Promote ENF scholarship contests. MVS and Legacy Awards applications are available now to college-bound high school seniors.
  7. Make Every Month ENF Month Join the Fidelity Club by making a recurring gift.
  8. Read about the #ScholarCIPMegaTrip ENF staff barnstormed their way through the Carolinas, read more here.
  9. Elks Hoop Shoot contest. Cheer on local youth as they build character and develop grit in this free throw contest sponsored by the ENF.
  10. Keep current with the ENF Facebook,subscribe to the ENF blog, and follow the ENF on Twitter.

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