CIP Outgrew its Website!

New CIP Site

The Community Investments Program webpages have been updated. Here are a few highlights outlining the changes:

  • CIP Grants:
    • Beacon Grants
    • Gratitude Grants
    • Promise Grants
    • Impact Grants
    • Freedom Grants
    • Lodge Assistance Grants
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    Use the buttons on the left menu or on the CIP Grant landing page to access information for each grant, including application links.

  • CIP Central
    • CIP News

  • CIP Resources
    • CIP Toolkit
    • Frequently Asked Questions
    • Calendar
    • News Release Generator
    • Final Report Forms
    • Webinars
    • CIP Participation Report
    • Lodge Grants Beginners Guide
    • CIP Field Guide

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    Here you'll find a list of helpful resources. Including the new, CIP Field Guide. Whether it’s your Lodge’s first time applying or Community Investments Program grants are already a major part of your Lodge year, this booklet contains everything your Lodge needs to know about CIP grants.

    Hope you like the new and improved CIP site! If you need assistance or would like to give feedback, please contact us at or 773/755-4730. You can now access CIP site at:

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