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The Future Looks Like Seth Filo

The Future Looks Like Seth Filo

When he was younger, Seth wished he was the outgoing kid that shook hands and made friends everywhere he went. In high school, he started a nonprofit to teach students at local elementary schools how to do just that. In the future, he hopes to use those skills as a politician. Here's Seth's story. Enjoy the 12th installment of #TheFutureLooksLike series! (Runtime: 2 mins., 55 secs.) #TheirPassionYourSupportOurFuture #ElksFamily

The Future Looks Like David Ma

The Future Looks Like David Ma

David Ma understood studying music throughout his life was a privilege; one many of his classmates couldn't afford. In high school, he gathered a few friends and started Bluegrass Youth Arts, a program that provides lessons and showcase opportunities for low-income students with a passion for the arts. Watch David share what he thinks #TheFutureLooksLike in the 11th installment of our video series! (Runtime: 1 min. 56 secs.) #ElksFamily

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