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Family Ties

Family Ties

It’s #TrueGritTuesday! You read that right—we have a bonus Griteo from the 2019 #HoopShoot National Finals! In the final installment of the series, 2019 Hoop Shoot National Champion Bree and Third-Place Winner Emma Besonen and their family share what the Hoop Shoot legacy means to them—their siblings and parents all competed in the Hoop Shoot! Check it out. (Runtime: 3 min., 19 sec.)

One Thumb Down

One Thumb Down

It's #TrueGritTuesday! In the seventh installment of the 2019 Griteo series, 2019 #HoopShoot National Finalist Saige Oliver shares how her broken thumb was no match for her determination. Check it out! (Runtime: 2 mins., 21 secs.)

Give to Get

Give to Get

It's #TrueGritTuesday! In the sixth installment of this year's Griteo film series, 2019 Hoop Shoot National Finalist Tommy Goodelle shares what sportsmanship means to him. Check it out! (Runtime: 4 mins., 21 sec.)

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