A Final Report is required for each CIP grant received by a Lodge. This report provides the opportunity to communicate achievements and challenges related to your Lodge’s project. Final Reports must be finalized online and approved by the ENF through the Grants Dashboard.


The Final Report is due 30 days from the date of grant completion. This date is provided by the Grants Coordinator on the grant application.

Lodges will be out of compliance if a Final Report is not submitted within 60 days from the date of grant completion, and will remain out of compliance until the Final Report is submitted.

How to Submit

Starting in 2018-19, all Final Reports and receipts must be submitted online through the Grants Dashboard. You can also find the Grants Dashboard on the CIP homepage. Navigate to the Grants Dashboard by selecting CIP Grants from the sidebar. The Grants Dashboard is the last selection from the drop down.

We cannot accept any mailed, e-mailed, or faxed attachments outside of this form. Everything must be included and uploaded to the online form. Please be sure to upload all necessary receipts. If your Lodge is unsure of what receipts are needed, check out our summary of required receipts for final reports. If your Lodge is unsure of how to upload receipts, take a look at a few tips for Lodge's that do not have access to a scanner.

Unspent Funds

If your Lodge has any grant funds remaining from the your project, please contact the ENF. In most cases, we will be able to work with your Lodge to find a way to expend the remaining funds. Receipts for the full amount granted are required to be uploaded before the form can be approved.

If the Lodge must send back a refund, mail a check made out to the ENF. Be sure to label it as a grant refund on the memo line. Then, submit your Lodge's Online Final Report. In the body of the Final Report Form, be sure to include that a refund check is on the way and include the check number if possible. If the Final Report is delinquent, your Lodge will remain out of compliance until the refund check is received.

Out of Compliance

There are three reasons a Lodge can be out of compliance. 1) Missing reports. By missing the deadline to submit a final report to close the book on a previous grant it received. Before we send the Lodge more money, we need them to tell us how they used the money they already received. 2) Malfeasance. If a Lodges misuses its grant funds, they're ineligible to apply for new grants for a period of time commensurate with the abuse. 3) Lodges that are delinquent on paying their Grand Lodge per-capita assessment and insurance dues (G.L. Statutes, Section 3.020) are ineligible for CIP grants.

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