Lisa Berthiaume
Manchester, Conn., Lodge No. 1893
Ten years ago, Manchester, Conn., Lodge No. 1893 barely surpassed $1 in per-member giving. Today, with ENF Chair Lisa Berthiaume leading the charge, the Lodge is close to holding one of the top per-capita spots in the state! The battle is fierce, and the friendly competition has encouraged donors to give generously to the ENF. Manchester Lodge has donated $6,207.03 through February 28. The Lodge ranks fourth in the state with per-member giving at $10.556. Berthiaume is eager to break into the top three, and the Lodge is behind her wholeheartedly.

Berthiaume’s energy and enthusiasm for the ENF is contagious. She promotes the ENF at new member orientation, during Lodge meetings and in the newsletter. Once someone donates, Berthiaume ensures a quick turnaround by mailing in a detailed remittance form to the ENF with the check as soon as possible so members receive timely acknowledgement letters and recognition pins.

“The best way to increase member support is by making the process as easy as possible for the person giving so he or she will give again!,” says Berthiaume.

The ENF online reports help Berthiaume stay organized and on top of the Lodge’s giving totals. She is eager to utilize the resources available to her, and is looking forward to promoting the ENF with the new Giving Back video. Furthermore, she earned her 2012-13 Chair Certificate in the new ENF Learning Center.

“I thought the Learning Center online training was great,” says Berthiaume, “and I like that I can go back to it and use it as a manual.”

Berthiaume is not just ENF Chair, she is also the Drug Awareness Program State Chair and is currently helping her Lodge apply for ENF Community Investment Program grants. Manchester Lodge is looking forward to using a Gratitude Grant to support local youth programs.

When asked what she finds most rewarding about her work as ENF Chair, Berthiaume answers, “Everything! We can’t do our work as Elks without the ENF!”

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