Susan Ketchum
Mountain Home, Idaho Lodge No. 2276

It’s not always easy to get Lodge members to donate to the ENF, but Mountain Home Lodge ENF Chair Susan Ketchum has found a way. She uses Lodge grants to gain publicity in the community and to encourage donations from Lodge members. Her work with grants has been so successful she was nominated for the CIP Volunteer of the Year award for 2011-12.

This year is shaping up to be just as successful. Ketchum has already earned both her Lodge Leadership pin, for the Lodge meeting per-capita and making a personal donation to the Foundation, and her ENF Chair Certificate for completing the ENF’s new Learning Center.

Even though she has been the Lodge ENF Chair off and on for the past six years, Ketchum still found the ENF Learning Center to be an invaluable resource. While she felt as though she had a lot of previous knowledge due to her being Lodge ENF Chair and Secretary for several years, Ketchum said she still was able to learn new things and that it clarified a lot of information regarding grants.

“The Learning Center was very easy to use technologically and was very beneficial,” says Ketchum. “It should be required of all Lodge, district, and state ENF Chairs.”

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