Don Gehring
Ormond Beach, Fla. Lodge No. 2193
After five successful years as ENF Chair of Ormond Beach, Fla. Lodge No. 2193, Don Gehring is retiring from the position. As one of his final acts as ENF Chair, Gehring shares some advice for selecting and training a new ENF Chair.

ENF: What type of Elk makes a good candidate for ENF Chair?
DG: An Elks with a sales-like personality—they’ve got to be willing to sell the ENF. Also, they need to know how to use a computer.

ENF: How will you instruct next year’s ENF Chair to get started?
DG: The first thing a new Chair should do is donate to the ENF. The next thing is to learn the system. I’ve shown our Lodge’s new Chair around the website and encouraged him to get familiar with it.

ENF: What fundraising techniques were helpful for you when you first started the position?
DG: When I started, I created a recognition board for donors at the Participating Member level ($100) or higher. We saw so many new donors because everyone wanted his or her name on the board! We now have 517 names listed. Next, I started sending letters to past donors reminding them to give or to complete their pledge.

ENF: You’ve done an excellent job renewing and reactivating donors from your Lodge. How do you keep them engaged?
DG: It’s always been important to me, no matter how much the donation, to personally thank each donor. I also remind them to keep giving! You don’t just give one time and walk away. I mention the month’s recent donors in our monthly newsletter, and remind everyone that the ENF needs continued support.

If you are stepping down as ENF Chair in 2012-13, consider Gehring’s advice for selecting and training the next Chair! Thanks to all our ENF Chairs.

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