Doyle Roller
Oklahoma State ENF Chair
Shawnee, Okla., Lodge No. 657

On a Roll!

If you’re an officer at your Lodge, Doyle Roller, Oklahoma’s State ENF Chair, has a message for you.

“Every ENF Chair and every Lodge officer should donate to the Foundation,” Roller challenges. “You’re more plugged in than a general Elks member, so you should lead by example.”

Sending a message is something Roller does well. As a State, District and Lodge ENF Chair, he insists that communication is the key to success. Roller makes a point to attend every district and state meeting, spreading the word about the ENF and encouraging volunteers to ask him questions. He always brings copies of the most recent reports from the ENF website so that he’s ready to field inquiries.

When Roller took on the State ENF Chair position, it appeared that many Lodges in Oklahoma weren’t donating to the Foundation. He came to realize that donations were being held too long at Lodges, and weren’t being mailed in time to post toward the year-end totals. He set out to change that, and now encourages all Lodges in Oklahoma to send remittances to the ENF office monthly.

“The sooner Lodges submit their money, the sooner they can apply for a Gratitude Grant,” Roller reminds us.

Roller advises Lodge Chairs to speak about the ENF at every meeting, and to keep the message positive. With these successful tactics in place, Roller is on a roll!

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