Tadeusz Krupa
Lakewood, Colo., Lodge No. 1777
Tad Krupa raises money for ENF the old-fashioned way: by being friendly toward members, expressing gratitude for their donations and respecting their check books. And it works! Krupa’s Lodge raised more than $12.12 per member in 2010-11, Krupa’s first year as ENF Chair. The Lodge is off to a great start this year, too.

Two keys to Krupa’s success are timeliness and recognition. He sends ENF donations with remittances to the ENF office monthly, which ensures that donors are acknowledged quickly. Krupa also lists donors’ names in the Lodge bulletin to inspire other members, but only after making certain that the donors are comfortable with public recognition. And the recognition doesn’t stop there.

“Even if a person only donates a dollar, I thank them from the bottom of my heart, and I truly mean it,” Krupa says. “Sometimes I’ll even buy them a drink,” he jokes.

Krupa will promote the ENF at a dinner in October by holding a 50/50 raffle, with half the proceeds benefitting the Foundation. Never without a plan, this year he’ll keep up with his successful strategies, possibly implement a new fundraiser in January, and focus closely on the Chair Challenge.

“Tad has gone leaps and bounds since he’s been involved with the ENF,” says Tom Root, Colorado’s State ENF Chair. “I’m very proud of what he’s done with the Foundation.”

Tad Krupa’s story goes to show that a positive and charitable attitude goes a long way!

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