Pedro Rosa
State Capitol, N.Y., District No. 6480

Rosa-Colored Glasses

For members and Lodge ENF Chairs in State Capitol, N.Y., District No. 6480, raising money for the Elks National Foundation is fun. That’s because Pedro Rosa, their District ENF Chair, has taught them to be a community of fundraisers. Whether promoting recurring gifts or leveraging the impact of Community Investments Program grants at his Lodge, Rosa always keeps the ENF in mind and makes certain that Elks members and their communities do, too.

When Rosa joined the Elks nearly 10 years ago, he made a $10 donation toward a $100 pledge to the ENF, like many new members do. He soon realized it wasn’t enough.

“Once I got more involved and understood what the ENF is all about, I wanted to donate more,” Rosa explains.

After donating for a few years while serving as Lodge, then District ENF Chair, Rosa started a recurring gift in 2009, so that a donation to the ENF was automatically deducted from his credit card every month. Around the same time, he also started giving to the Foundation directly from his paycheck via the United Way campaign at his workplace. Why all these automatic deductions?

“I’ve always found that if you put something off, things will come up that will keep you from doing it,” Rosa admits. “Also, automatic gifts help me with my annual donation total. If I make my yearly gift in smaller increments, it’s painless, and I can give more.”

Rotterdam, N.Y., Lodge No. 2157, where Rosa is a member, has made use of ENF Community Investments Program grants, and Rosa has seen the ENF presence in the Lodge pay off.

“Members are seeing that a donation to the ENF is not just money going out the door,” says Rosa. “We can use that money to do something for the community without costing the Lodge.”

Rosa plans fundraisers in his Lodge and district to help the Lodges reach per capita. Each year, he organizes a pentathlon, including events like darts, bowling, softball and Bocce Ball, and teams from the Lodges in his district compete. Since different events take place at different Lodges, it encourages members to visit Lodges other than their own. Participants sometimes bring friends who are not Elks onto their team, introducing potential members. And since the proceeds benefit the ENF, everyone wins!

When people say that fundraising is fun, you may suspect they’re wearing rose-colored glasses. But for Pedro Rosa and members in his district, it’s a reality!

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