Willis Schiller
Waukesha, Wis., Lodge No. 400

As Lodge ENF Chair for 12 years and a member of the Elks for 30, Willis Schiller of Waukesha, Wis., Lodge No. 400 keeps the ENF on everyone’s mind. When members of the Lodge gather, Schiller is there to promote charitable programs and tell members where the Lodge’s per capita stands. He likes that the ENF does so much charitable work.

“Any time there’s a group at the Lodge,” he says, “we talk about the ENF.”

It helps that Schiller stays active at the Lodge. Rather than implementing his ENF Chair responsibilities as a separate endeavor, he’s sure to incorporate his duties into the activities already happening at the Lodge. He volunteers with activities like bingo and the Building and Grounds Committee, and really enjoys the local Hoop Shoot and Soccer Shoot contests. His fellow Lodge members know him, and he knows them.

“I’m not a great speaker but I get my point across,” he says. “We try hard and the members are very charitable.”

For the past several years, the Waukesha Lodge exceeded $10 per-capita giving. Schiller regularly applauds members for their support. He keeps an up-to-date recognition board at the Lodge, and always has information when asked about the ENF and member giving. He promptly lets the ENF office know whenever we need to update our records for a member.

“Keep the members informed,” he advises other ENF Chairs. “That’s the most important thing. And put an article in the Lodge newsletter.”

The ENF wouldn’t see so much success and support from Waukesha without Schiller. His active Elks involvement and meticulous record-keeping as an ENF Chair keep everyone in shape!

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