Norman Garrison
Morganton, N.C. Lodge No. 1852
After more than 20 years as ENF Chairperson of Morganton, N.C., Lodge No. 1852, Norman Garrison has the job down pat. His Lodge’s ENF contributions exceed the GER’s per-capita goal regularly because, thanks to Garrison, members understand the importance of the Foundation to Elkdom.

“Promoting ENF programs brings out the good in the members,” Garrison explains. He makes a point to discuss the ENF at Lodge meetings so members stay informed. He tries to serve as a resource to newly installed Exalted Rulers so that they’ll understand the ENF as well.

Garrison also asks for a donation to the ENF in the Lodge dues mailing, which he says is typically successful. Because they reach per capita every year, the Morganton Lodge uses their ENF Gratitude Grant to help a local charity each year, helping the members see the good ENF does in their own community.

It’s likely that one reason for his success is that Garrison sets an example of generosity at his Lodge. A long-time member of the ENF Loyalty Club, Garrison has made a gift to the ENF during every one of the last 17 fiscal years. He says it’s important to support the ENF regularly. He displays his Loyalty Club sticker with pride on his membership card, knowing that his consistent support has made a difference to the youth, students, veterans and communities the ENF serves.

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