Bill Kellogg
Springfield, Ore., Lodge No. 2145
As a former recruiter in the Marine Corps, Bill Kellogg has some experience motivating others. This skill serves him well in his role as ENF Chairperson of Springfield, Ore. Lodge No. 2145!

Since he holds a number of ENF fundraisers for which the Lodge would typically receive donation credit, Kellogg came up with a more creative way to credit the money earned. In June, he announced that any member who donates $50 or more to ENF will have the donation matched with money raised at their Lodge fundraisers, so that they receive twice the personal recognition credit for their gift. Already, Kellogg estimates that it has sparked between eight and ten people to donate who might not have given otherwise.

Kellogg puts a strong emphasis on donor recognition, presenting pins and certificates at the Lodge to set an example for all the members. In addition to donor recognition, Lodge members are encouraged by the opportunity to earn ENF Lodge Grants.

“It really is motivating that money is coming back to us at the Lodge level,” Kellogg says. “This makes soliciting donations for ENF an easier sell. The Gratitude Grants especially have been a motivator in our Lodge.”

Last year, Springfield Lodge used their Gratitude Grant to donate to a local agency called Relief Nursery, which serves low-income families who are at risk for child abuse and neglect.

Kellogg intends for his Lodge to reach per capita in the next few weeks, the earliest they’ve ever reached the goal. His steady fundraising strategy has really put them ahead. His advice to other ENF Chairs striving to reach the GER’s per-capita goal?

“Don’t try to bite the elephant all at once,” says Kellogg. “No matter how small the contribution, each gift adds up. Take it one step at a time.”

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