LaDonna LaCroix
Worland, Wyo. Lodge No. 1908
After moving more than 200 miles away from her husband and adult children to care for her mother, LaDonna LaCroix realized she needed some activities to occupy her time. Once she became involved in the Worland Lodge, the Exalted Ruler asked if she’d take over as Lodge ENF Chair. Always up for a challenge, LaCroix agreed. But rather than follow the Lodge’s usual fundraising model, LaCroix decided to shake things up a bit.

“The Lodge had been doing a lot of the same fundraisers over the years,” LaCroix explains. “I wanted to find a way to get newer members involved, and to reach out to members who aren’t usually active in projects.”

Picture this!
In 2008, LaCroix teamed up with a Lodge member skilled in photography to offer holiday portraits to members. The photographer offered a generous discount, and all proceeds were donated to the ENF. There was no cost to the Lodge. LaCroix advertised the photo sessions in the Lodge newsletter and through word of mouth––and each member who purchased photographs received credit toward their personal ENF donor account.

Lodge members enjoyed sitting for holiday portraits with their families, spouses and pets. The event raised more than $600, and helped Worland Lodge reach the GER’s per-capita goal in 2008-09. LaCroix plans to hold this photography fundraiser every alternate year. She is looking forward to improving upon it next year!

Going once, going twice…
This year, LaCroix put together the Lodge’s first-ever Cookie Jar Raffle, which raised $3,200 for the ENF! She called people on the Lodge’s membership list and asked them to donate themed jars filled with a treat. Participants came up with all sorts of clever ideas, including jars filled with candy, homemade jerky, caramel corn and bird seed.

LaCroix decided to hold the final auction during an Elks convention, so more members were present to bid. A professional auctioneer donated his time to auction off each jar, with final bids as high as $375!

“This fundraiser was just great,” LaCroix says. “I was thrilled at the number of people who participated. Lots of the members I contacted aren’t very involved at the Lodge, but they were glad to donate a cookie jar! I think it’s important to motivate members to do something other than just pay dues.”

LaCroix’s cookie jar fundraiser helped bring her Lodge’s 2009-10 per capita to more than $7.50, with four months still to go before the year end. With almost two years as ENF Chairperson under her belt, we can’t wait to see what else LaDonna has up her sleeve!

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