Mark Thomas
Denver, Colo., Lodge No. 17
Mark Thomas, an Elk for 12 years, followed the lead of some strong examples. He assisted former ENF Chair Jim Callaway, and now carries on his ENF traditions with great success. Thomas also takes advice from his State ENF Chair, Tom Root. However, he’s not afraid to try new ideas. In fact, he’ll try anything to increase support for the ENF!

“I get really excited about it,” Thomas explains. “I’ll try any kind of fundraising idea, borrowed or original. But I always give credit to others, and I stay creative. We have to keep the ENF in mind all the time.”

Thomas finds incentives to inspire his members to donate. From public credit at the Lodge, to a new pin for the next donor recognition level, or even some good-hearted competition, the best incentive is knowing the good works done by ENF-funded programs. These incentives spurred Denver Lodge to give more generously this year than last, and their growing per capita proves it! His main goal is to improve bit by bit.

Growing support for ENF takes just a few extra dollars here and there, and constant effort. Thomas feels proud to represent the ENF at his Lodge, and now he’s setting the example to inspire others, just as he was inspired.

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