David Blankenship
West Virginia State ENF Chair
When David Blankenship sets a goal, he doesn’t take it lightly. That’s why in the state of West Virginia last year (2007-08), every single Lodge met the GER’s per-capita goal. As the State ENF Chair, Blankenship is committed to showing everyone that West Virginia cares!

“You’ve got to put some energy behind it if you’re serious about the goal,” Blankenship says.

Blankenship makes it personal by trying to attend every district meeting. If he can’t be there in person, he e-mails the ENF reports to the Chairs in attendance, so they know where they stand.

Following the state raffle every year, Blankenship allots leftover money to help a Lodge in his state that’s struggling to reach the per-capita goal. He also employs the help of other officers to offer awards, like “Comeback Lodge of the Year,” to provide further incentives. In addition, Blankenship is a proponent of fundraisers.

“In this economy, fundraisers are a great way to boost donations,” he advises. “People only have to give a little at a time, and they get something in return by attending an event or entering a raffle. That’s valuable these days.”

Blankenship’s goal this year is to reach 100 percent ENF participation in his state once again. Given his determination, they’ll probably do it!

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