Bruce Royal
Athol-Orange, Mass., Lodge No. 1837
Bruce Royal joined the Elks in 1990 and started giving to the ENF right away. In 2000, he was appointed ENF Chair, a title he’s kept ever since. Royal promotes the ENF every way he can. His approach? “It must be a combination,” Royal explains. “We can’t depend on just one thing to raise money in the year.” Royal’s Lodge holds two fundraising events each year, donates a portion of bingo profits to the ENF, and encourages individuals to donate. “Indoctrination is an important place to start,” Royal says, “then I always follow up with members about the ENF.” Royal gets to know his members and their interests; he knows who he can encourage regularly and who wants space. “It’s a constant effort,” he advises, “so set goals and be persistent!” Motivation comes easy for Royal—he sees how much funding his Lodge and state receive back from ENF, and how successful their charitable programs are as a result. His Lodge came in first in state for ENF giving last year, and received high honors at their annual state convention. Royal shares his favorite moment: “Presenting recognition to our donors who’ve given so much to the ENF.”

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