Don Walker
Calabash, N.C., Lodge No. 2679
ENF Chairs of larger Lodges face a challenge: how can I get more Lodge members involved with the Foundation when I don't even know all of their names? Don Walker, ENF Chairman of Calabash, N.C. Lodge No. 2679 identifies this as one of the biggest challenges of his position. However, in his first official year as ENF Chair, his Lodge has already reached $8.424 per capita in November! Walker's Lodge has more than 1,100 members, which can make it easy for donors (or potential donors!) to fall through the cracks. So how does he reach everyone? "I have lots of help!" Walker insists. His Lodge created an ENF Committee, so that the Chairperson isn't campaigning alone. With a committee of four Lodge members who have varying interests and involvement at the Lodge, Walker finds it much easier to reach more members. "We have one committee member who loves to watch sports, so he's around the Lodge for the big games," Walker explains. "Another is a golf enthusiast, so he networks that way." Walker also emphasizes the importance of recognition at the Lodge. He estimates that about 60 to 65 percent of new members at his Lodge give their first $100 ENF donation up front, knowing that their name will be on a recogntion board in the Lodge.

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