Bill Richards
Sheboygan, Wisc., Lodge No. 299
At Sheboygan Lodge No. 299, member donations to the ENF are practically assumed. In November of this year, Lodge members have already given $11.40 per capita. But it wasn’t always this way, ENF Chair Bill Richards tells us. Richards became the ENF Chair of his Lodge 30 years ago, when it came to his attention that members of his Lodge didn’t know much about the Foundation. "No one was giving because not many members understood what the ENF does," he says. "They just hadn’t been exposed to it." Richards made a point to learn all about the ENF so he could promote the Foundation at his Lodge. He formed a committee and got the word out, and soon all the members knew about ENF programs and good deeds. Since then, every new Lodge member has joined ENF at indoctrination, which over the years has totaled 972 people! Richards sends a letter out to new members a month before indoctrination with ENF information, so they are prepared to give as soon as they join the Lodge. We all know that the support of Lodge members is vital, and Richards asserts that without their dedication, his job would be much more difficult.

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