Linda Rogers
Rio Rancho, NM Lodge No. 2500
When she accepted the position of ENF Chair at her Lodge, Linda Rogers knew that she needed to become an expert on the Foundation, and fast. But while she was familiar with Elkdom due to her husband Steven’s 15-year Lodge membership, Linda herself had been an Elk for less than a year! She needed a crash course, and she knew just where to find it.

Rogers and her husband attended the Grand Lodge Convention in Anaheim, and Linda turned her focus to the ENF. She attended seminars offered by the Foundation and stopped by the ENF Booth to talk with the staff.

“The workshops were very helpful,” says Rogers. “They gave me a lot of good ideas about what can be done at my Lodge and how to do it. Now we are excited to apply for grants and to implement some of the fundraising ideas that were shared.”

Rogers’ dedication to her role as ENF Chair is paying off. Already this year, her Lodge’s per capita is over $10.00!

“We realize that the ENF allows us to get back more than we pay. That’s a great motivation for any Lodge!” she says.

With such success after only a few months as Chairperson, one can only imagine what Rogers has in store for her Lodge!

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