Jerry Oltman
Sebastian, FL. Lodge No. 2714
Lodge chairperson Jerry Oltman of Sebastian, Fla. Lodge No. 2714 took on the job with a goal: He wants his Lodge to give $5000 to the ENF this fiscal year, which results in approximately $12 per capita. This may be a tough goal to meet, considering it’s more than double what his Lodge per capita has been for the past three years.

Oltman’s recipe for success? He matches $50 to any member who gives $100 to the ENF!

"I planned to give this much to the ENF at year’s end, says Oltman. "I thought this was a better way to donate and also motivate my donors."

By offering the cash to the donors of his lodge instead, it’s effectively doubling his intended contribution, and motivating his members to donate. Oltman says he’d rather see the credit for the $100 contributions go to the members of his Lodge than himself. It’s an added incentive, and it works well!

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