Roger McQueen
Shenandoah, IA Lodge No. 1122-
Whoever came up with the saying ‘talk is cheap’ didn’t know Roger McQueen and his fundraising success. Since taking on the role of ENF chair 10 years ago, he’s been promoting the good works of the Foundation using as many avenues as he can think of. From speaking at Lodge meetings and Indoctrination to the local radio station and newspapers, McQueen has no intention of slowing his words down.

“Each year we get back more from the Foundation than the year before,” says McQueen. “I let the members of my Lodge know that, and every year our donations improve, too.”

McQueen reads relevant ENFrontline news at Lodge functions, and passes around any ENF information he receives. He also plans events throughout the year, like the barbeque his Lodge held before a high school football game this past October. Spreading the word has really paid off too – with his Lodge taking#1 in the state per-capita contest three years in a row.

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