Don Behnke
Fond du Lac, WI., Lodge No. 57
Lodge ENF Chairperson Don Behnke knows the importance of leading by example, which explains his most recent fundraising idea. In an effort to challenge the more than 600 members of his Lodge during ENF month, Don offered to personally donate five dollars for every member who donates $25 or more. With a matching challenge like this, the dollars can really add up!

Although his wife isn’t too keen on the idea, it’s worth it to Don, who expresses his concern about his Lodge’s per-capita giving in comparison to last year. “We need to get something going this year,” he says. Too much success would cause the Behnkes to take out a loan, a risk that would make any couple nervous!

This year marks Behnke’s fifth year as a committed Lodge ENF Chair in Fond du Lac, Wisc. His hard work is reflected in the increasing donations his Lodge contributes to the ENF each year. Hopefully his matching challenge will be the jump start Don is looking for within his Lodge.

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