Arlene 'R' Boothby
Casa Grande Valley, AZ Lodge No. 1957
When 'R' Boothby was assigned the ENF chair position, she was unsure what the job entailed or where to even start! But during last year's convention in Reno, she fully realized the Foundation's works and became involved.

"When I heard those young Most Valuable Student winners speak, the tears welled up in my eyes," recalls Boothby. "It finally sunk in just how important the ENF really was."

Coming home with stories and new inspiration to share, Boothby began approaching members of her Lodge. She turned to the ENF training disk for more knowledge about her job and the Foundation. And by using her own awkward start with the ENF as a guide, she shared news and stories to everyone that would listen.

"I print news from Pulse, hand out brochures and other free supplies and find out new member's interests," says Boothby. Her enthusiasm for the ENF not only shows but spreads.

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