Charles Tynes
Marietta, Ga., Lodge No. 1657
Although it's been a while since Charles Tynes was last a student, the ENF chair of four years still relates to college hopefuls. He received aid to attend North Carolina State University and knows the value of scholarships firsthand.

"Helping our young people accomplish their educational goals brings a smile to my face," says Tynes. "That's why my goal for ENF is 100 percent participation, with at least $10 per member each year."

He accomplishes this feat by approaching members face-to-face and sending appeal letters, and believes the key to his success is communication and positive reinforcement. "I stress that being involved in the Foundation is an important part of Elkdom," says Tynes. "And when Georgia students receive scholarships, I report this to our members."

Though his Lodge has already met the per-capita goal this year, Tynes makes one piece of advice clear. "Never stop talking about the Foundation's programs and all the people it serves," he says. "Never stop asking others to donate to the Foundation."

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