Dennis Jones
Worland, WY Lodge No. 1908
Still relatively new to the Order, Dennis Jones' interest in the ENF first sparked because he enjoyed making a difference. The Worland Lodge member of just two years took that motto to heart. Not only did Dennis turn his Lodge around from a per-capita of just $0.899, but he increased it six-fold to surpass the GER's $4.00 per-capita goal! His efforts included speaking to members and holding a Pitchfork Steak Dinner, which raised more than $1700. The fundraiser included dinner and live entertainment for the 160 attendees. It was a wonderful night of camaraderie and good spirits, says Jones. It had such a positive response that it's likely to become an annual event.

Reaching the goal, however, did not come without its share of challenges. The biggest was educating the members, since there hadn't been a recent push for the ENF. Dennis cites passion as the best motivator for present and future chairs. Find those things you are passionate about, and work from there, says Jones. If you understand and feel passionate about something, you are always more effective in the long run. Dennis will be returning next year as Lodge chair, and hopes to continue the giving streak.

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