Julie Dieu
Aberdeen, WA, Lodge No. 593
Julie Dieu's work as ENF chair began last year, following a five-year term on her Lodge's Board of Trustees. "I like being involved with the charitable portion of the Elks," Dieu says. "Once I got off the board, I wanted to do my part for the Lodge and our local community."

Dieu's innovative fundraising efforts are paying off. This past fall, she established a new/like-new Christmas sale at her Lodge, in which people were asked to donate Christmas items they no longer wanted. She then set up a table at several events, selling everything she collected at bargain prices. "I had a goal of $300 and ended up making over $500," Dieu says. "It was so successful that I think we'll make it a yearly event."

Another fundraiser she is considering for the spring is a wine and cheese tasting party. But all of these events could not be accomplished single-handedly. "It helps having a big ENF committee to spread out the workload," Dieu says. "It would be impossible to do this alone!"

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