Georgiana Gersley
Tempe, AZ, Lodge No. 2251
Present Georgiana with a challenge and she’ll tackle it. This no-nonsense ENF Lodge and District chair welcomes the hard work required to motivate Elks to donate. Though confronted with a lack of communication and indifference toward the ENF, Georgiana always manages to remain positive and reach out to members.

“It’s a challenge to raise funds for ENF’s programs,“ she says. “I stay motivated because of the Foundation’s service to scholarships, drug awareness and youth activities.”

Her Lodge boasts a flawless per capita, undoubtedly a result of Georgiana’s efforts. She hands out brochures and heart pins; plays the ENF DVD; writes former donors to ask them to renew their support; ignites friendly competition between Lodges; and holds successful fundraisers. She also makes sure to educate herself about the Foundation so that she’s prepared to answer questions.

Georgiana stays inspired because she believes that ENF-funded programs shape the lives of our nation’s youth. “Youth are so important to our future,” she says. “Elks youth programs are a big incentive for children to excel and show us the leaders they can be.”

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