James M. Bateman
Summerville, SC Lodge No. 2719
Every year, James Bateman can count on at least three people to set an example and donate to the Foundation early-his wife, his sister, and himself. He believes it’s important to support the Foundation annually and he challenges the officers and PERs in his Lodge to live up to this belief.

It looks like his tactics are working! His Lodge is currently holds the second highest per-capita in his state and is first in the Chairman Challenge! But James doesn’t know what it means to slow down. He features the ENF in every issue of his Lodge newsletter and has sent mailings to prospects and former donors. He’s even planning a car show after the holidays.

James has an agreement with his wife that he’ll only spend 150 percent of his free time doing volunteer work. And she holds him to it. When James isn’t busy telling his Lodge about the importance of the ENF, he’s running his local Explorers program or helping out at his church. With a heart as big as his, it’s no wonder his Lodge rarely says no when he asks them for support!

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