Lance Pliml
Wisconsin State Chair
With Lance marketing the ENF as, “the engine that drives everything the Elks do,” you’d think he sold cars for a living. But, it’s Lodges all over Wisconsin, not used car lots, where Lance does his wheeling and dealing. His style is simple: make personal contact and ask everyone.

“I’ve never asked anyone for $10 and not have someone give,” says Lance. “There are so many other charities competing for that dollar. I get out there and sell the ENF’s programs, how they touch so many lives, and the huge return on our dollars when we give to the Foundation.”

Lance admits that when he joined the Elks more than 22 years ago, he didn’t realize the Foundation funded such a wide variety of programs. He spent six years serving as his Lodge’s ENF chair, trying to get members involved and informed, before moving to the position of state chair. Though he remains humble, in the past 10 years his Lodge’s per-member annual giving has never dropped below $20. As far as Elks in Wisconsin are concerned, with Lance’s endorsement, the ENF is as good as sold.

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